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IT Manager - Abu Dhabi

Ref: 420 Date Posted: Tuesday 23 Jan 2024

The IT Manager at Gulf Education will be responsible for overseeing the organization's IT infrastructure, systems, and technology initiatives, specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements. The role involves collaborating with various departments to identify and implement technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency, security, and user experience. The IT Manager will play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless integration of technology to support the overall goals and objectives of Gulf Education.


Position Requirement:
Education and Work Experience:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as an IT Manager or similar role in a corporate environment
  • Strong knowledge of IT infrastructure, systems administration, and security best practices
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Relevant certifications (e.g., ITIL, CISSP, PMP) are desirable.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Infrastructure Management: Oversee and manage the organization's IT infrastructure, with a focus on adapting systems to meet the demands. Ensure the reliability, security, and scalability of IT systems to align with the specific needs.
  2. Systems Administration: Administer and maintain business-critical systems and applications tailored to the environment. Implement and manage backup and disaster recovery plans to ensure data integrity and availability in the context of operations.
  3. Technology Strategy: Collaborate with leadership to develop and execute the organization's IT strategy specifically tailored for the Gulf Education landscape. Evaluate emerging technologies in the Gulf region and make recommendations for adoption or improvement.
  4. Security and Compliance: Implement and enforce security policies and procedures with a keen understanding of Gulf Education data protection requirements. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.
  5. Team Leadership: Lead and mentor a team of IT professionals, providing guidance and support for their professional development. Foster a collaborative and innovative team culture focused on delivering high-quality IT services initiatives.
  6. Vendor Management: Manage relationships with IT vendors and service providers, ensuring service are adapted to needs. Negotiate contracts and agreements to optimize value for the organization.
  7. User Support and Training: Oversee the IT helpdesk, providing timely support to end-users in Gulf Education and resolving technical issues. Develop and implement training programs to enhance the IT skills of staff members.


Salary Range: The salary range for the IT Manager position at Gulf Education will be competitive and commensurate with the candidate's qualifications and experience.

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